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Pure Fibre install

Is it still possible to have Telus run the fibre line from our electric room to my strata unit. A bit of background. I bought the unit in my building on January this year, the previous owner I bought it from unfortunately did not allow to install the fibre line to the Unit when they were doing the fibre upgrades. I was told that Telus fibre was available and when the first technician came to instal the equipment we questioned why that was not fibre and we were told “this is how we are doing it now” and kept saying that it was fibre. We’ve been having inconsistent and slow speeds around 650 down and up. And I’ve had multiple calls with technical support regarding this. We are the only unit in the building with no fibre line directly to our unit. Telus keeps telling us that they can’t do anything about it.

I just feel as a customer that I should not be expected to accept the fact it is what is when Telus has the means and capability to put the fibre line to my unit and shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble. They have a mandate to retire copper lines and yet I still have a copper line.

My question is how do I get Telus to have them put a fibre line in my unit, it was initially approved the strata property manager and it was voted on by owners to have the lines installed. Why is this so difficult and why do I need to be calling multiple times telling them it’s not fibre to my unit. This is very frustrating and I’m thinking of going with Shaw.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll send you a private message to gather your location info, thanks.

How do I reply to you it’s a weird email. I don’t want to be sending

Sorry how do I send confidential sensitive info to you. When I click reply it’s to some weird email.

I’m in Surrey British Columbia.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Reply through the private messaging system here in the Neighbourhood.