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Problem deleting emails from inbox


I am having a problem deleting unwanted emails from my inbox and in moving emails from inbox to a folder. Not every time of course.


I get a message "A Network Service Error has occurred". I click on the "Send Error Report" tab but have no idea where these reports go, if anyone at Telus is looking at them or whet Telus is doing about it.


I have been chatting and emailing with Telus a number of times but my problem always seems to need escalating to someone else who needs to call/email me back, which has not happened.


In addition, the problem is the same whether I use my laptop, desktop or cell phone, so it must be a Telus system problem.


Has anyone else had this issue and had it sorted?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What happens if you use webmail.


I recall @Irishgranny describing a similar problem, but don’t remember if she found a solution.


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yes...had this problem back in eventually cleared up, but was so frustrating.  Some days I couldn't delete anything, next day, I could delete 90 %.  Got a Gmail account set up and synced with Telus..son't know if that helped but gave me peace of mind that I could finally get my email on a regular basis.  Guess you just have to keep pestering Telus and have a ton of  patience !!