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One Main line coming to house but seperate modems

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We have a telus line coming to our house, however it goes to the basement where they have the Telus internet. I'm living on the main floor and using Shaw but decided to switch to Telus, can I use that main line but have seperate modems? Will this affect the speed of the internet although both our plans are different? I've asked the basement dwellers and the refused to share the line as they fear they might get slow internet speeds, but the technician said it won't affect the speeds, so im now having to get a brand new Telus line put in, which is going to take some days due to the rainy weather atm. Would it really affect the speeds or basement dweller is just being paranoid?


Technically, the installer is correct the line speed to the basement will not change, but the internet feed to the basement will be shared among the users.  If the connection is a 1Gbs fibre connection then the users will probably not notice that the line is being shared, but if a 25Mbs copper connection then user could notice the effects of sharing the connection.


Also the  basement user may not be a plan that allows unlimited data transfer and sharing the plan will put them over there monthly allowance and require a plan upgrade.


Then there can be security issues with sharing and internet connection.


Community Power User
Community Power User

In the simplest of terms, no, you can’t have two accounts on one line. Were I the tenant, I too, would be wary of sharing my service with others.


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I think it is not possible to get two accounts on single line, better you should ask the support. May be they can give you a better solution of this.