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Not Receiving Internet Usage Alerts by Email

Just Moved In

I used to receive internet usage alerts when my usage reached 75%, 90% and 100% of my plan's allowance, but I have not received an alert for over one year even though I have often exceeded 75%.  My account 'Usage Details' indicates that I should be receiving such alerts and the email address is correct.


I do receive monthly notifications of my bill at the same email address, but nothing warning me that I am approaching the maximum usage allowed in my data plan (which has resulted in overage charges).


I have attempted to enquire about this by phone and chat, but the TELUS robot assistants do not understand my question.  Does anyone have any suggestions?






Have you logged on to My TELUS to check the settings? Try saving the settings again even if they look okay.


Did you check your spam folder for the notifications? Perhaps the spam filter on your email app is catching those ones.