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Not Receiving Emails From Certain Senders After Email Deletion


A few months ago I moved to a new residence, and switched from Copper to PureFibre.  Apparently one of the teams did not switch my email address over, and so I stopped receiving emails for about 5 days due to my email account being deleted.  After my email was "reactivated" I noticed that I was still not receiving marketing emails from retailers that I would normally receive them from - Abercrombie & Fitch is one example, and there are probably about 10 in total that I no longer was receiving emails from.


So, I went to the A&F website and signed up for emails again using my regular email address.  Nothing.  (This is the same for all 10 newsletters that I used to receive.  Despite signing up again for email with them, I never receive an email.)  I chalked it up to them receiving a bounce-back from me so many times during those 5 days that my email was added to a list to not send marketing emails to any longer.  Not the end of the world, but yesterday I placed an online order using my regular Telus email address and still did not receive a confirmation email.  It's like they just won't send me anything now.  I called this morning and asked about it, and was told that they do not "blacklist" or "block" sending emails out to certain email addresses.


I don't have a spam filter on my email and their emails do not go into a junk folder or spam folder.


Any suggestions on what is causing this debacle?  Thanks!





Are you using your own mail application or are you using the TELUS Webmail page? If you are using your own email app then it could be the TELUS spam filter that's catching the emails before your app can pick it up. Log on to the TELUS Webmail to check the spam folder.

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This sounds much like the problem I'm having with mail from a listserv. I posted about it today. I have no solution.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If these emails exist in a spam folder, you can whitelist them by moving them to your inbox, or right-clicking, and marking them as not spam.

If you are not receiving them at all, it might be worth using a secondary email address to resubscribe.


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