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The Norton VPN does not automatically log on when you start up your computer. You have to manually launch the Norton window, and turn on the VPN each time you start your computer. This leaves your system vulnerable if you or another household user forgets to initiate the VPN. This has been a problem from early 2020, and is unacceptable given the large number of users working from home during the Covid pandemic. If not resolved, there are many other more secure internet security packages that are available, at lower cost and more secure.

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Community Power User

This is a Norton issue rather than a Telus issue. Norton users have been complaining for years that the 360 VPN won't connect automatically when the PC boots. The VPN feature in Norton 360 was designed to be off when you first turn on your system or if the system goes to sleep or hibernates. There is no setting to change that. Supposedly in the non 360 stand-alone version of the VPN there is an option but Norton hasn't bothered to include it in the 360 version.


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