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North Vancouver constant service interruptions

Just Moved In
I've had a service person attend twice in the last couple weeks. I would like an honest answer as to whether there are system deficiencies in my area. I am unable to rely on my Internet for work, and my son who is a computer science major is about to move out of the house as he is so frustrated with my Internet. is this going to be rectified, or do I have to change providers?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Were you given specific info from the service technicians or our Tech Support team?

Specific, in that they said there was nothing wrong. And at one point telling me that my computer was quite far from the modem. (it's about 20 feet, and hasn't been a problem for the last four years.) I said I was unaware that I had to hold the modem in my lap.

In any event, the issue is also when it is connected with the wire. It was working this morning, and then cut out again today. I can't rely on it for work meetings, and my son can't rely on it for university.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Gotcha. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.