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No internet

Just Moved In
I have a ZTE smarthub, and I’ve had no internet since yesterday at 5:30pm, i did all that was asked, I reset my box and did all the troubleshooting and still nothing, I seen that their is some issues in Calgary area Aswell, but I would love an answer as to what is happening . And when it will be fixed.


@Countrygalxx  Yes calgary has an outage But you may have a a different issue. It may be your own equipment or a telus problem in your area. YOU HAVE TO PHONE IN. You will never get a time of the fix. And of course we are customers only on this site. Polecat

Friendly Neighbour
I have been having this same problem since February, 10th 2021, and we are may 2nd 2021, and I can sign into my account , but my services are not connected .... really thinking about starting to look for another service provider, , I need a phone. Especially with kids,

@chao  You have an account. Are they billing you? Phone into billing only. They have always got me hooked to the right person that could help diagnose the problem. Sometimes the call is long ---- only way. I have been on hold close to 2 hours. Polecat