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New Customer Free TV bundle disappointment

Just Moved In
New Telus customer as I have move out and into my own place. I figured getting the bundle would be nice as I am getting an optik tv capable of 4K. I was assured on the phone that I will have a tv alongside some good discount as a part of my apartments' move in deal plus my mobility discount as my phone plan is under Telus.
I called twice and they all said that it would take 4-6 weeks before getting it. Now 7 weeks later, called in and said that they didn't give me a gift instead the "discount" was the option they applied and it was a miscommunication on their part. The deal they said was I would pay $100 per month but seeing my deal breakdown and removing the sign up bonus, I would pay around $156 per month which is the same as the one they advertised online with TV and all the package that they gave me.
So I don't understand why don't I have a TV as gift nor the discount every month.


Hey @MapleOverseer I would love to help you with this. Please check your inbox for a message from me