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NH20A (Bridged) + MoCA for Optik TV + Own Router? Possible?

Just Moved In

Does anyone know if I put the NH20A into bridged mode for use with my own wifi6 router instead of the TELUS one, can I still use the MoCA on the NH20A to directly connect to the Optik TV units.  I understand to have Optik TV wirelessly, I need to use the TELUS router, but I don't plan on using the Optik TV units wirelessly. 


TIA for any insights!



I've been told you can not put the NH20A into bridge mode, nor can you separate the two bands, according to @Nighthawk. Maybe  that will change with future Telus firmware updates? 


Have you tried using AP mode on your own router, if it supports it, that is? No bridging of the NH20A required if you connect an AP mode'd router to it. I am not familiar with the NH20A's behaviour yet as I do not own one. I still have the old T3200M, and I always connect wired routers to it with them in AP mode.


Did you ever get any more info elsewhere?

Here's a slightly older Reddit thread about the exact same thing. They got it to work now it seems.


I haven't gotten anymore info. I did read through the other thread several days ago, but didn't seem to answer my question -- which is essentially, can I get Optik TV to work without the Boost module so as to only use a direct connection using the MoCA from the NH20A.

Have you tried connecting a TV directly to the NH20A using the MOCA connector to a MOCA/ETH adapter then > ethernet to TV? It should work. MOCA is just a alternative 2.5Gbe connection to the Booster or a MOCA/Eth adapter. You don't have to use MOCA. You can connect TVs via 1Gbe ethernet cables. The question I have are the four Gbe ports on the NH20A active? Are you planning to use the 10Gbe SFP+ port on the NH20A to connect your own router?

I could be wrong about this, but I believe you can't connect a TV directly using MOCA. I tried it, I had to use MOCA/ETH adapters for each TV. You can also use a coaxial splitter with the Telus T3200M's MOCA I/O, so I would assume you can do this also with the NH20A. But I'm somewhat certain you need MOCA/ETH adapters. Telus gave me a bunch of those.


And here's some more good news:


Reddit Conversation:

"So Telus provided the SFP+ module when they did the install. I didn't do a self install they had to fill a truck. The NH20A uses the SFP+ port as its WAN port and the ports for the switches/Wi-Fi are all ethernet. I have the 10gbit ethernet port going to my network and one of the regular gbit ports going to the Boost WiFi 6 for TV."



"That's good to know. I was told that the Gbe (x4) ports were non functional. Good to know they are. And that's what they should be used for, TVs. Perfect."