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My Wi-Fi app

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I recently had PureFibre internet installed, and have the "My Wi-Fi" app installed on my phone to manage usage, primarily using the "pause" capability to make sure my teen isn't on the internet 24/7.  But I've looked for hours on the Telus site to find the  equivalent of the "My Wi-Fi" app for my laptop, whether it's called an app or a program or a web page, because it makes more sense for me to manage from my laptop than my cell phone.  Can't find it.  Surely Telus doesn't require that I have a smartphone in order to manage my home internet usage?  Also can I manage it (with the app or otherwise) remotely, or must I be at home?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The equivalent on your laptop would be to enter the admin interface at Folks hav had various success at setting time of day use patterns through this interface, depending on the modem itself.


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