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Modern landline


I have TELUS fibre to my home and my landline operates via the fibre. As I understand it the ONT in my home includes an ATA which alows my to use an old fashioned phone. My question is there an ONT available that would allow me to use a SIP phone.


My second question is more involved and I suppose is directed a TELUS insiders. Does TELUS have lans to shut down the PSTN like they have done in the Netherlands and Estonia. And BT plans to complete their PSTN shutdown in 2025.


3GPP and the Broad Band Forum ( BBF ) have specification for fixed wireline and fixed wireless to access IMS in a similar manner to VoLTE and 5G. Will we see TELUS providing IMS features to landlines in the forseeable future. Think high definition voice, video calls, SMS/MMS and one number for home and mobiles.


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I have a Polycom business VoIP phone connected to my T3200  gateway (Telus router) through a PoE adapter and have had no issues at all. None of the current ONTs offer anything other than RJ11 copper and ethernet connections for phones.


I doubt the PSTN will shut down any time soon. There are still huge areas of Canada where only POTS/copper is used for phone services. Rolling fibre out to all of them will take decades.


Telus hasn't announced any future changes or additional features to the landlines. The 'Insiders' that may be aware of any potential changes are likely under NDA and would not be able to disclose them either way.

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Yeah, connecting a SIP phone whether hard phone, soft phone or an ATA is
pretty easy using TELUS's residential gateway.

An IMS compliant SIP phone needs to provide some header extensions. Also
authenticating with IMS is a bit more involved than the usual SIP

Granted Canada is a different situation than more densely populated countries.
However Australia is targeting a PSTN shutdown. Companies can finance the
conversion with the billions they can get from harvesting copper.

An article about various countries timeline for PSTN shutdown.


An article about a company specializing in harvesting copper related to PSTN shutdown.