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Internet/wifi daily reboot

Just Moved In
I switched to TELUS from Shaw as Optik was sold to be amazing. I work from home and consistent internet is extremely important along with the fact that when I watch tv I don’t feel I should have to go through the struggle of rebooting the system each time. Internet, wifi, tv and home security work intermittently since inception. Beyond frustrated at this point, have had 3 techs come out, 4th one coming Wednesday. They do something, state it’s fixed, and then I go through process again. Has anyone else experienced having to reboot their systems at least once a day?

My Internet connection stays up continuously without interruption. I work from home quite often as well. The last time I had to reboot the T3200M was 4 years ago when I was moving my Optik boxes around.

You haven't provided any details as to why you need to reboot. What are the symptoms?