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Internet for good


I live in a rural area where the only internet telus has is from cell towers, so although i am on PWD i dont qualify for the discount. Is there a way i can still sign up for internet for good so that i can access the program that offers low cost refurbished computers through internet for good?


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Community Power User

This website seems to imply that you can apply for it if you meet the criteria listed:


TELUS Internet for Good | BC Tech for Learning (


The above page also has various contact options:


Contact us by email at: InternetForGood @ or by phone: 604-294-6886 ext. 1.


Hopefully you can get in touch with someone to get clarification as to what you might be eligible for.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I live in a very rural area there literally NO alternatives available to me. the only access available here is via cell tower

SpaceX has a system that's available from coast to coast, I had it at my farm, and I have about 15 of them on my business sites, in places Telus can't reach. It's available everywhere because it uses low orbit satellites.

I cannot apply as it stands because there is NO available internet here. My only access is via cell tower and that does not qualify


If Telus isn't giving you the PWD discount, I'd look at alternatives in the area. Lots of places to get low cost internet, as well as low cost refurbished PC's if thats something you need. Many large businesses donate stock to places like ERA or FreeCycle which have great outreach programs!