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Internet drops daily

Just Moved In

Hello all,

We are experiencing internet drops daily. We are in south Edmonton, AB and on Fibre 300. We have complete drop of service from the ISP in which the model reboots/resets as the lights flash red/orange. Is anyone else having this issue with this frequency? Drops sometimes occur more than once. We have T3200M since the install just over two years ago so it seems strange it would suddenly be the modem. I appreciate that more people are working from home and I could almost accept it happens during peak daytime volumes but it happens at 10pm as well. I don't think this level of service delivery is acceptable, certainly not when you get into the premium tiers of fibre packages.

My hope is that someone has suggestions but more so that someone from TELUS monitors these forums to provide feedback.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Call Telus. If it's losing the connection, there is nothing you can do but call Telus and have tech support work on it and / or get a tech out.

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