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Internet conection drops out

Just Moved In

I have a desktop PC hardwired to a telus modem T3200M and 6-7 laptops/cellphones/printer connected to the same modem through a 2.4g and 5g WiFi.

Time after time the connection to internet is lost either on my PC or from other devices connected through WIFi.

Browser and computer settings seems to be OK and a device restart does not solve the problem. The internet connection gets reestablished when I restart the modem. I think the problem is some kind IP conflicting issues.

Telus helpline could not see any problem with the connection. He offered to send me a new modem or set up a visit with a telus technician. Now before I swap modems or leave work for the technician, I want to know if this is a hardware (modem) issue or some network/modem configuration issues. Has anyone experienced smth similar?

Any suggestion before I get the technician to come and check it?



Just Moved In

What makes you think it's a IP conflict?

When the outage happens, can you still ping from your PC command line?

Have you checked your router DNS settings? 

 - browse to from your PC, you should have login credentials to the T3200M. Go to the DNS settings and set them manually to for primary and for secondary.


Just Moved In

I think it is a IP conflict as sometimes (not when internet outage though) I get an IP mismatch error. Some other times the connection to printer is lost without any apparent reason (printer is turned on, drivers are ok etc)

The outage has not happen lately so no chance to ip test the connection.

I went ahead and changed dns settings to static assigned with for primary and for secondary.

Hopefully this makes the problem goes away.