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Internet Dropping Out Daily


My network setup had been working perfectly for about a year and a half on Telus Fiber. I had not made any network changes until late December when I experienced that first time the internet dropped out.


My setup: Using Cloudflare and Google DNS


  • T3200M (WiFi Disabled)
    • Unmanaged Switch
      • Desktop
      • Laptop
      • Printer
    • AP/Switch (TP-Link Archer C2300)
      • Optik Box
      • TV
      • Wireless Clients

The first time I noticed the problem I was streaming on my TV and had the connection drop out. Checked my wifi on my phone and it showed no internet connection. I logged into the webUI on the T3200M and it showed the internet status as "connected". I checked the T3200M in my utility closet and the internet LED was green as well. I was able to verify my wired PC connection also had no internet connectivity.


I rebooted all my network gear and everything was up and running again... until the next day. Same issue, internet cuts out, says it is connected, and reboot.


I called Telus tech support and they said everything they saw said the connection was good. I suggested I would reset both my AP and the t3200M to factory default settings and leave the DNS settings default. 


The next time it happened I was working on my PC and noticed I was able to access Google, Gmail, Youtube, but nothing else that I could tell. It was the same with my wifi through the AP, strange right? So again I reset my gear and it was running. I called tech support again and they said my T3200M router might be the culprit and they would send me a new one. I suspected this could be the issue but I wasn't 100% convinced.


While I waited for the new router to arrive I wanted to confirm it was the router so I changed my network:



  • Unmanaged Switch
    • T3200M (WiFi disabled)
      • PC
      • Laptop
    • TP-Link Router
      • Optik
      • TV
      • WiFi

This setup worked for a day and then the internet cut out again. This time it was both routers running separate WAN IPs losing connection at the same time. I called tech support and they were as helpful as every other time I called. Eventually they offered to send a tech to site and have a look.


Is there anything I can do to further troubleshoot the issue? I've replaced the Ethernet patch cable from the ONT to my network but I'm at a loss. It must be something that has changed on Telus' end since my network has had zero issues up until late December.



So I've installed the new T3200M that Telus sent me, as well as a Wifiplus AP. I'll give it a go and see if my problems go away. Mostly to just rule out my network gear as the culprit.


In the router system log I'm getting:


 Kernel eventICMPv6 RA: ndisc_router_discovery() failed to add default route.


This happens every 20 or so minutes. I can't find anything on what this might be related to.



I've reset the T3200 to facotry defaults, had a tech to my house, and talked to an escalations manager saying "everything looks good on our end" They continue to claim this is on my end...


I was able to run tests during the internet outages. Occasionally I lose all internet connectivity and other times I still have IPv6 connection and am able to resolve IPv6 DNS requests. I was able to verify this with ping tests and traceroutes.


When traceroutes fail they manage to make it to a second or third hop:

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 [] reports: Destination host unreachable.


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 reports: Destination host unreachable.


Simply unplugging and re plugging the WAN or rebooting the T3200 fixes the internet access.


What is going on?


When I experienced that trouble it was traced to a bad copper connection at the street. 

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I am on FTTH and I've asked them to check my signal integrity. For whatever reason they will not accept there is a problem on their end and I'm at a total loss.

I looks like it may be some sort of issue with ipv6, do you have connection drops if you disable ipv6?

I do get drop outs with IPv6 disabled in the WAN settings for the T3200.