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Internet Dropping Out Daily


My network setup had been working perfectly for about a year and a half on Telus Fiber. I had not made any network changes until late December when I experienced that first time the internet dropped out.


My setup: Using Cloudflare and Google DNS


  • T3200M (WiFi Disabled)
    • Unmanaged Switch
      • Desktop
      • Laptop
      • Printer
    • AP/Switch (TP-Link Archer C2300)
      • Optik Box
      • TV
      • Wireless Clients

The first time I noticed the problem I was streaming on my TV and had the connection drop out. Checked my wifi on my phone and it showed no internet connection. I logged into the webUI on the T3200M and it showed the internet status as "connected". I checked the T3200M in my utility closet and the internet LED was green as well. I was able to verify my wired PC connection also had no internet connectivity.


I rebooted all my network gear and everything was up and running again... until the next day. Same issue, internet cuts out, says it is connected, and reboot.


I called Telus tech support and they said everything they saw said the connection was good. I suggested I would reset both my AP and the t3200M to factory default settings and leave the DNS settings default. 


The next time it happened I was working on my PC and noticed I was able to access Google, Gmail, Youtube, but nothing else that I could tell. It was the same with my wifi through the AP, strange right? So again I reset my gear and it was running. I called tech support again and they said my T3200M router might be the culprit and they would send me a new one. I suspected this could be the issue but I wasn't 100% convinced.


While I waited for the new router to arrive I wanted to confirm it was the router so I changed my network:



  • Unmanaged Switch
    • T3200M (WiFi disabled)
      • PC
      • Laptop
    • TP-Link Router
      • Optik
      • TV
      • WiFi

This setup worked for a day and then the internet cut out again. This time it was both routers running separate WAN IPs losing connection at the same time. I called tech support and they were as helpful as every other time I called. Eventually they offered to send a tech to site and have a look.


Is there anything I can do to further troubleshoot the issue? I've replaced the Ethernet patch cable from the ONT to my network but I'm at a loss. It must be something that has changed on Telus' end since my network has had zero issues up until late December.


When I experienced that trouble it was traced to a bad copper connection at the street. 

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So I've installed the new T3200M that Telus sent me, as well as a Wifiplus AP. I'll give it a go and see if my problems go away. Mostly to just rule out my network gear as the culprit.


In the router system log I'm getting:


 Kernel eventICMPv6 RA: ndisc_router_discovery() failed to add default route.


This happens every 20 or so minutes. I can't find anything on what this might be related to.



I've reset the T3200 to facotry defaults, had a tech to my house, and talked to an escalations manager saying "everything looks good on our end" They continue to claim this is on my end...


I was able to run tests during the internet outages. Occasionally I lose all internet connectivity and other times I still have IPv6 connection and am able to resolve IPv6 DNS requests. I was able to verify this with ping tests and traceroutes.


When traceroutes fail they manage to make it to a second or third hop:

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 [] reports: Destination host unreachable.


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 reports: Destination host unreachable.


Simply unplugging and re plugging the WAN or rebooting the T3200 fixes the internet access.


What is going on?


When I experienced that trouble it was traced to a bad copper connection at the street. 

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I am on FTTH and I've asked them to check my signal integrity. For whatever reason they will not accept there is a problem on their end and I'm at a total loss.

I looks like it may be some sort of issue with ipv6, do you have connection drops if you disable ipv6?

I do get drop outs with IPv6 disabled in the WAN settings for the T3200.