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  Currently in my home I have the T3200M Router. Telus Techs set it up in the most inconvenient location possible. I currently have A Telus Boost Wi-Fi kit connected to it. I just bought a new router (TP- Link Archer AX10). What would be the best possible configuration? Cause I do have Optik TV. Should I setup the T3200M in Bridge mode and bridge the 2? Or should I scrap The T3200M and replace it with the (Archer AX10)? Would the Boost Wi-Fi still work If I do replace it? what about Optik TV?

I do have Gig Pure Fiber Plan. So I would like to get the fastest Throughput Possible. In my current setup My wireless Boost is getting -57 Signal Strength in my Office which I do most of my network intensive work in. With my current setup I get 450 Download and 450 Upload hardwired to my boost device.

Any Input is much Appreciated! 




Friendly Neighbour

You want to put in a new router but continue to use the boosts? If your Optic TV boxes are connected wirelessly then you will not be able to connect them to the TP-Link router. What I would recommend is hardwiring the optic TV boxes to the 3200 if possible and disabling the WIFI radio on the T3200 and then just using the boosts for your WIFI. if hardwiring the TV boxes is not possible then at least disable the 2.4GHz. If you are connecting wirelessly you wont see much better than 450mbps throughput, to see the full gigabit speed you will need to have your PC hardwired directly to the modem. 




Yes, a port bridge would work. I would suggest you bridge the two networks together. Telus equipment only works with telus routers. So if you are looking to keep your boosters up, I'd actually forego the Actiontec and try to get a wifi 6 router from them. The TP Link Archer is a whole separate product altogether. It would need to replace the actiontec and Telus boosters completely, unless you port bridge it. It depends on what you wish to achieve. Optic TV works best with the actiontec router as it has a section in the interface specifically designed to enable it.

Boost 2 has ethernet ports you can hard wire the dvr to that. Then the other wifi stb connect to the dvr wirelessly.

You don't "need" Actiontec T3200m in New installs 2022 summer till now , only boost 2 is offered no T3200M,

You can disable the stb portion of 3200m and use it as a second or guest wifi or disconnect it all together