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IPv6 ranges for Nanaimo, BC


I would like to know the ipv6 ranges Telus uses in Nanaimo.  My client's firewall is set up to limit access based on geographical location.


I tried calling residential support, but they didn't even understand what I was asking.


Any help or guidance will be much appreciated. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Tech support won't have any of that kind of information. I've never seen a publicly posted list of IP ranges for any provider and I'm not sure if Telus would even give that level of detail out.


One thing to note is that if your client has a residential connection, the IP address assigned is dynamic and may change without warning. Usually the change is quite infrequent though. A business type connection can get static IPs.


I've found that with residential IPv4, the IP ranges were always changing. I've had IPs in Alberta, on my DSL and then the fibre connection, for a time that were previously assigned in several other provinces. Including Nova Scotia. These types of changes would apply to BC also as the IPs were moved around. I'm not sure if the IPv6 address ranges are static or if they are changing intermittently as well. If they are then figuring out which are local to Nanaimo may be extremely difficult if not impossible.


I've got two IPv6 addresses on my PC, one shows on websites when I look up my IP, the other doesn't. They are also separate from the router's IPv6  WAN address as well. Some geolocation sites show my IPs in Alberta and other in Vancouver.

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I used to use a static IPv6 address, set up to allow functioning static POS nodes (proof -of-Staking), with multiple number of nodes in the Crypto mining world, by port forwarding any number of statically assigned LAN side IPv6 addresses. I forget how I did it exactly, but it is capable of being done for IPv6, but not IPv4, as mentioned. Though this doesn't really answer your question "what is the range" But you will achieve static if you set it up, so that will help. This was all done within the T3200M router


And it works, no matter what anyone will tell you. There you go, a static IPv6 addressing , then use DMZ hosting for IPv6