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IP Conflict for Optik TV and Work VPN

Just Moved In

My work VPN requires an IP address that my Optik TV is using. I've logged into my router but I'm not given an option to change the Optik TV's IP address. How do I get around this


Community Power User
Community Power User

Your work VPN needs a specific 192.168.1.xx LAN IP address to work? Is it a separate piece of hardware or your PC?

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Seems strange. Possibly talk to your employer as they should be able to configure the VPN to use a different IP address.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Unless your work VPN is configured as a split tunnel there should be no issues as you can't see your local IP's while on the VPN.


I've used the "route add" command (in Windows) in cases where the local subnet I'm on is the same as my work subnet. I add a 'route' to the remote computer I want to connect to and specify using the virtual adapter the VPN software created as the gateway. Being able to do that might depend on the type of VPN you're using.