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How do I get a real person on Telus Help ?


I recently signed up for a Smart Hub upgrade. The tech was supposed to be here on June 12, didn't show up. got an email saying they are going to be here on June 21, doesn't work for me. Spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone yesterday and another 1 1/2 this morning. All I get is the same AI voice asking me questions and then telling me they don't understand the words installation appointment. Well I not going to be home on the 21st so they can call me, I might even talk to them.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, what number did you call?


I would like to know too! We have a problem with caller ID security cutting out after 2 rings, instead of the set 5. We keep missing really important calls. How do we disable the function that requires callers to press a number? 

You mention 'Caller ID' but are you referring to the Call Control service? If it's just Caller ID, you can change the number of rings by picking up your landline, dialing *94, waiting 2-3 seconds, then pressing the number that corresponds with the number of rings you'd like it to take...and then hanging up.


If it's the Call Control feature, you'd need to turn it off via My TELUS or by speaking with our team.