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How do I escalate a complaint above the esaclations team after 5 months

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How do I escalate a complaint above the escalations team at Telus as nothing has been done in 5 months to correct my bill or have the Telus Home Security services I am paying for brought back up and running?  I have been trying to sort out these problems since taking over services on January 6th this year but without success.  All the Escalations Team seems to want to do is tell me what their own administrative problems are within Telus and not resolve these two issues with the Telus services that I am paying for. 


As background, the first issue is that I agreed a total monthly bill price with Telus in January 6th which included all the agreed services as well including any necessary upgrades to systems, and I reconfirmed this again with the Escalations Team in February and again with a different member of the Escalations Team in March.  Despite this, the price agreed has never been honoured and promised refunds have never been applied to the bill, and the bill just keeps increasing every month. 


The second issue, since April 1st has resulted in my Telus Home Security being disconnected, despite me still paying for the service. Telus Custom Home Security Team has been harassing me by demanding that I pay another second monthly subscription directly to them, regardless of the subscription that I am already paying Telus for Home Security (presumably I would have to take up the issue of double payments with someone else at Telus).  Telus Custom Home Security have also demanded I pay a large amount of money to have my fully working home security system totally replaced by a completely new “upgraded” system.  Presumably the disconnection of home security services on April 1st was because I do not pay Telus Custom Home Security directly for both the monthly premium (that I pay Telus for) and additionally pay the large sum of money demanded for a brand new security system to be installed (even though the existing system is fully working).  This seems even more suspicious as I only recently paid Telus to upgrade the security system components less than a year ago and now Telus Custom Home Security are demanding that this system including upgrades are completely thrown away and I pay to have it replaced by an entirely new system, regardless of the previous recent upgrades.


It is quite a predicament and since two different individuals within the Escalations Team over five months (and over 12 hours of recorded phone calls with Telus) do not appear to be able or willing to sort out these two issues of billing and functioning security system, I am at a loss of what to do next. 


Where and how do I escalate these issues to someone who can resolve them?  Presumably someone above the Escalations Team within Telus (or even external to Telus)?  Thank you for you help!





Here is a link to contact the executive team. if you have not already reached out to them.


Hey @rhcottington - Please send me a message and I'll get the ball rolling

Hi, similar issue we are dealing with for a corporate Telus mobility account. We agreed to a new Owner's Advantage Plan in January and have been overcharged by $1000-2000 each month due to "improperly applied credits" for multi product discounts. I have sent in tickets, asked our "rep" who never replies, and today i went to Telus Headquarters in Calgary, who sent me to a retail store, who said they probably can't help but are trying. I was given 1-866-988-3587 as an SOS Escalations number from HQ, but when I call, it just rings and rings. I need to be able to connect with a manager or someone that can resolve this after 5 months. 

Hi @Jannelle I will send you a message