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Got a new Telus modem with a yellow sticker on the box

Helpful Neighbour

Hi Folks,


Quick question, our Telus modem had been giving us a few issues so we got a replacement dropped off by a technician. It had a yellow sticker on the outside of the box with a number 11 on it. I've heard that sometimes Telus refurbishes their equipment and will put a yellow sticker on those units. Does anyone know what these stickers look like? I had asked Telus for a brand new modem so just wanted to make sure I didn't get a refurbished one. Everything was packed nicely in the box and it looked new, the technician said it was most likely a factory applied sticker. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've never heard of nor have I seen any yellow stickers before. It very well could have been from the manufacturer or potentially the sticker may just be an inventory number or some kind of internal reference used by Telus.

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@JR_99  @Nighthawk  Just  a wild guess the number 11 is for channel 11 on the modem easy to grab for the tech when when working in a multi unit install ??????? And i know you can choose the channel you want. Time saving ??