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Gigabit PureFibre - Not pulling even close to 1gbit

Just Moved In

Not sure how to remedy this, since there's virtually no Telus support (chat, or otherwise).  Unless I'm not looking in the right place, but the Contact Us branch constantly loops back to the hub contact page.


Anyway, this is a new home build. Installed gigabit fibre.  It was working great initially!  Then, last week, I'm on a conference call/screenshare, and the quality starts to degrade. That's fine, figured it was temporary.  Did a speed test, could barely pull 10mbps.  Tried from multiple devices.  Nothing else is on the network (using Unifi for all components).  Figured I'd ignore it and it would eventually go away.  Eventually rebooted the modem on a later day, and speed seemed to resume (didn't do a speed test though).


This week, I'm on a call again, same issues.  Same speed test results - couldn't even get 10mbps.  I reboot all components on the network, including the Telus modem.  Now, it's pushing/pulling about 100mbps, which is good for what I need right now.  But still.. no where near when I did my initial speed tests.  There's still nothing else on the network pulling any kind of meaningful bandwidth.


Unifi USG and a UniFi 8-port switch. Simple, high quality. Makes no sense why it would suddenly drop in speed. Has to be the modem, or ISP itself, right?


What do you all suppose I try from here? 😄


Just Moved In

Well, it's got to be something on my end. I did a full reboot again, all components, and the second time it came back it's all 950/950mbps now.  *shrugs*

Honestly, I've had drops in speed from my service over many years with Telus. I imagine it's just traffic in the network or what servers you're connecting too. I've had gigabit for about two months and I've been very happy with it overall.