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Fibre installation in sherwood park AB anytime in future


Telus does not seem to be able to answer the question of fibre roll out in sherwood park alberta, in older areas like Woodbridge.  went with telus instead of shaw when we moved here based on "assurances" it was coming in about a year.  three years ago....Best we can get is internet 15 on the copper and pvr/optik still slow response with freezes and drop outs.  yes we checked all the cabling, power resets etc.  pretty much same service since we installed it.  With webmail issues now this week and lots of discount pricing offers in the mail from shaw we are seriously looking at ending this charade.  would prefer to stay with Telus but they are making it real hard. No fan of Shaw but they at least answer the questions, and have high speed cable and internet already here, and I can pick up neighbours shaw wifi better than my own here in the house.  For another small fee telus store would supply extenders.   Gave up on calling or online telus support.. next call is likely customer retention to ask them why I should stay here.    best part of checking was finding out my mobility contract just ended too.  Telus internet and optik service is just not cutting it.  Where is the fibre??



Contact your city council rep and put the pressure on them. That is where the Fibre build is being held up. There are a couple members who seem to think the city should just roll out their own private Fibre network like Olds. They don't understand that it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm sure the residents of the "hamlet" would be more than happy to cover it with higher property taxes right?