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Fiber Line Quality - What to do?

Just Moved In

Hi Everyone, 


I am fresh brand new Telus customer with Fiber Internet. I did receive my service installed last May 13th, 2022.


When I had the first installation all went well and the technician was really nice and great source of education around network and fiber technology. One thing that got him really  excited about was the quality of my fiber line. He did show me on his Fiber Optical Power Meter and the results was -15.XXX dbm. He also taught me that I can see the numbers within my Telus Wifi Hub! 


May 19th, 2022 technician came to my house because my fiber was installed in a non convenient-room instead of my work office room which would make more sense and I needed also to be hard wired. The technician made some modification and everything went well. Few minutes after he left, my connectivity stopped, I called the support and had a new technician home today. 
The technician said that there is an issue with the cable and he will replace it. First he did some work from the cable outside (not sure why) and then he replaced the inside cable. Now everything is back and working.

After all of this, I noticed that when I use my monitoring work tool or I also play game, I experienced some random  packet loss which I did not have before and a bit higher ping. I **bleep** check the the numbers in the router and this is what I got 
2022-05-19 16_41_49-Telus and 5 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ Edge.png


I did remember the first technician said that above -23 dbm, the quality of my fiber line is not good and need some attention, cleaning, checking etc. What should I do at this point? Get a fourth technician to come in? 



Community Power User
Community Power User

What is your download speed result compared to what was provisioned? Packet loss and ping can be related to so many issues outside your local connection.


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