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FXA5000 Custom DNS

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How do I set a custom dns server on my FXA5000 router? I had one configured priori to the latest software update.


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@alkali_feldspar Wrote: How do I set a custom dns server on my FXA5000 router?


Going back through various forums, it seems this is a problem that has not been solved. The Technicolor FXA5000 apparently been rather impossible to change this configuration.


I appreciate that this solution I'm going to offer will be less that efficient, and will add additional cost, however, it may be the only solutions you'll find.


1. Contact Telus and have the modem/router replaced with a different version. Such as the Actiontec T3200M. The DNS configuration on that device is straight forward.


2. The alternative solution involves placing the Technicolor FXA5000 in "Bridge Mode" and incurring the expense of acquiring an aftermarket router to handle the Router and Wi-Fi capabilities for your network.


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It is absolutely unacceptable for telus to not have this feature on this router.

I was able to set a custom DNS a month ago, then they do a software update and I can't. What garbage service.

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Absolutely disgraceful. Telus DNS servers are not good and it's a struggle for me to properly connect to the Canadian servers of my organization. Before, when I was able to switch them for the Google ones, ( and it worked like a charm but now, Iwitht this fiber router, I can't and we have to depend even more on their IT support....