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FXA5000 Bridging with Telus Wifi AP (Booster 2.0)

Just Moved In

This is just a heads up for anyone with the question pre-install since I couldn't find the info:

The FXA5000 can be bridged and also use the telus wifi booster 2.0 that gets installed. My setup is bridging the FXA5000 on the 10G port, turn off DHCP, assign a LAN IP in the same subnet as your own router for both the FXA5000 and the wireless AP they supply. Connect a LAN port from the FXA5000 to your router or switch on your subnet. My AP is the B20T and connects over Moca, but there is no reason ethernet wouldn't work fine. This is all you need to do to use your own router and still use the Wifi AP. I doubt this would work via their app or thorugh your customer portal, but through the web interfaces of the devices, but I don't know because I didn't try it.  

I haven't tried setting up a guest network (I have my unifi AP for that) and VLANS don't seem to be an option.

I hope this helps anyone looking to setup their fibre install to their own equipment



Hi NetTech, I have a similar setup as yours, except that my connections between my router, FXA5000, and B20T are all via ethernet (but like you said, it shouldn't matter).  Where did you turn off the DHCP on the FXA5000?  There are two locations: one is on the "Internet Access" page and the other is on "Local Network".


All I did was to enable the "Port 1 bridge" under the "Broadband" page.  I got internet access for both wired (connected to my router) and wireless (connected to B20T).  However, they couldn't see each other.





Solved my own problem after posting the question. The tech connected my router to port 1 of the FXA5000 (bridge) and another port from the FXA5000 to the B20T. I disconnected B20T from FXA5000 and connected to my router instead. Now all my wired and wireless resources can see each other. The only downside is that the Telus connect app can only see the FXA5000 but not the B20T and I need to physically connect to FXA5000 if I ever want to access it from computer other than the app. However I can live with this.

Just Moved In

Do I have to use the 10G port for this to work? The install tech said not to use it.


In my setup, the 10G port goes to my router.  I believe this is the only port for bridging to work.  Then you can use any other port on your router to connect to the B20T.