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Downed Fibre Line

Hi Telus. Our fibre is down and has been hanging onto the street disrupting traffic all day. Of course, we have had no service…interest, Optic TV, home phone…all day as well.
After a combined four hours of
calling/emailing/on line form submission/Facebook by my wife, daughter and myself we are still no further ahead in getting one of your repairmen to come fix this potentially dangerous issue. At one point…after an hour on hold…we spoke to representative who said they would see to the issue immediately. Shortly thereafter, I received an automated notice that a technician would arrive at our house in two days time and, of course, if we were not home we’d be charged $150.
Can someone please reply to this post ASAP and the situation is getting comical. I feeling like I am dealing with children here.
Many thanks

Actually, the children term is unfair as most kids are far more considerate than that experienced from Telus. I am dealing with amateurs here.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly try the online chat option found on this page:


Contact us for customer service support | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks. We tried that too.
Issue was finally resolved - we hung on the phone for another hour and were finally received by Telus. After letting them know our disappointment in their customer care and asking to speak to a supervisor, Telus did act promptly and repaired the downed line within three hours.
Our issue with Telus was the inability to speak to a real person in a prompt manner for what was a real emergency.
Definite improvement required.

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How did you manage that? I have a broken line and telus hasnt fixed it yet


Telus finally called me back…I told them it was an emergency and they sent someone out. The technician was great and very helpful…climbing a telephone pole to fix the issue.

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