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DDNS on Telus wifi hub not routing.

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I have set up a Ddns domain on and set it into the Ddns tab with the required login info. I try to connect via the url name or the ip (which I have set to auto update with no-ips app) but it doesn't seem to connect at all with a no response error. I've tried opening 443 and 80 as well as 8123 (trying to connect home assistant), but even when says it can see 8123, it does not connect. Pinging the ip also says 100% packet loss.

I don't have a business account and have 300 down/up. Pretty sure I'm on cgnat as is the default with optik.


@Marcomadnesss Wrote: I don't have a business account and have 300 down/up. Pretty sure I'm on cgnat as is the default with optik.


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I think you may have answered your own question here... If indeed you are behind a CGNAT external IP address. i.e. one with external IP addresses from to You may find it impossible to get a connection back to your own equipment, as there is really no real destination.


A couple of things to try if indeed you are would be to turn off you router for a minimum of 12 hours and see if a refresh of the IP address with get you a real external TELUS IP address.


For a couple of other solutions if CGNAT is indeed the issue, you may want to have a gander at the following thread for suggestions... Cheers


The other slightly more complicated method of a solution would be to look at implementing CloudFlare Tunnel solutions here.


Both Crosstalk solutions and Tom Lawrence have very good videos explaining have to install this solution.


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Cloudflare Tunnels is an amazing technology that can not only replace traditional VPN in many cases, but has a number of distinct advantages. In this video, I discuss those advantages and then go through a complete Cloudflare Tunnels setup from start to finish. Crosstalk Merch: ...
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