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Creating separate 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi networks using Wifi Hub?


Is it possible to create two separate networks using the newer white Telus Wifi Hub? I was able to do this with my old T3200M.

I can turn them on and off individually but I don't seem to be able to create two differently named networks.

The problem is that I have a bunch of smart devices that ONLY operate on 2.4 ghz and seem to have issues communicating when my phone is using 5ghz.

I use the Wifi Hub and two Boosters.



Community Power User
Community Power User

No, the Wi-Fi hub does not have the means to separate the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, unfortunately. One work around might be to purchase a router which can be set up in Access Point mode to accommodate your 2.4 GHz devices, or possibly consider updating your smart devices.

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Thanks I was worried about that when I didn't find it.

Do you think I should disable the 2.4 on the Hub? Would it crowd the bandwidth to have two 2.4 ghz networks in the same space?


It would be many hundreds of dollars to upgrade the smart devices. Thermostat, Garage Door Opener, Irrigation controller, Door locks, switches and plugs. All work on 2.4 ghz exclusively. Not all seem to have issues though. I assume its so they can be further away from the modem.


Thank you for posting this.  I just ran into the same thing.  I upgrade my internet to 50 Mbps a few days ago.  Now my phone and mini Google are connected to a -5 ending network and my laptop only sees a -2-2.4 ending network.  I'm hoping there won't be a problem but from what you say, there may be.