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Client DNS Settings on Tleus Fibre Router (Arcadyan?)

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I just had fibre installed and received a new white, round  router which is obviously a rebranded piece of hardware (possibly from Arcadyan.)

I'm using a private DNS server on my local LAN, but I can't seem to get the built-in DHCP server to hand out the address of my private DNS server ( I went to Network/LAN, and under "IP Address Pool" there is a setting for DNS server address.

However, clients are definitely still using the router itself ( as the one and only DNS server. Not even a backup server address is handed to my clients, only the router address.

If I could find some docs on the router I might be able to figure it out, but there is not even a model number, just the Telus branding.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...


Just Moved In
Any luck with this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The DNS settings are not user modifiable to use a LAN IP. The routers are designed for the extreme majority of users who do not run their own custom DNS server. For the 0.01% of users with their own custom DNS server, the only way to use it with the Telus gateways (old or new) is to have each device manually set to use the LAN IP for the DNS server. The alternative if someone has fibre and an ONT installed, and no Optik TV, is to use one of the third party routers that will allow someone to assign a custom DNS server.

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I'm sorry but that is just BS. I can think of plenty of reasons for assigning a custom DNS server.


And why even have a configurable setting if it is not meant to work?

LOL It's on par with the message "No Any IP Address Reservation rule"