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Pure Fibre installation

Just Moved In

My telus technician to install telus pure fibre connection was supposed to arrive a long time ago but never showed up, none of the support connections help, and if i dont get this done by end of month their shutting down my wifi, what am i supposed to do??




There may be a few solutions to your dilemma. Let’s try to point you in the correct direction…

As I understand it you have already contacted Telus via the chat application, correct?

If not, I start there via the following link:

If you already have an order number for the installation, make sure to inform the CSR agent that will speed the process.

Speaking of an installation number, if you indeed have one than this link may be of assistance to you…

and last however not least is a direct connection via the phone.

Technical Support: 1-888-811-2323

Account, billing & sales support: same number: 1-888-811-2323


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