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What Ethernet cable should I use for Telus pure fibre 1GiG. I was thinking of getting a Cat 8 because people recommended me that since it has higher bandwidth it’s better(2Ghz)
but also it’s too over kill for some people. I just want an honest answer I need a low latency and a fast Ethernet cable approximately 25ft long, because I want to take full advantage of my internet and want low latency. Please let me know which one I should get and if its compatible, because I heard some Ethernet cables are not compatible.
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Cat6 is more than sufficient. In shorter runs it can handle up to 10gbps. Don't waste money on Cat8. None of the networking gear you own will be able to take full advantage of Cat8, especially the 2GHz connection which is 25-40gigabit and uses a shielded cable, not a standard unshielded one. The typical residential routers and most PCs only have 1gigabit ports on them. 2.5gbps routers aren't really a thing yet and 10gbps is expensive and total overkill. Anything above Cat6 is absolutely overkill in a home environment. Just be sure to buy decent quality cables and not the flat or excessively cheap ones off Amazon as many of them don't use copper wiring and often have thinner gauge wire in them which has its own issues and susceptibility to interference.


All standard ethernet cables use the same RJ45 connector. The only non compatible ones I know of are the ancient 10base2 cables with the BNC connectors on them and I haven't seen those in a couple of decades.


For the length of ethernet cable that will be in your house, there will be no difference in latency. Latency is different than the speed of the cable or the connection. It's merely the time it takes for data to be sent to a remote server or device and received back. Latency will vary depending on the distance of the server you're connecting to whether or not you're on a 25mbps connection or gigabit. That applies to both fibre and DSL. When I upgraded to fibre, the latency on the game servers I play on didn't really change much if at all. That is due to the latency of all the devices between my house and the game servers in the US. The fibre connections do offer low latency but if you're connecting to another server or device that doesn't have the same on their end, that's something to expect.

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