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Can I use the web6000q extender with third party router


I am going to be buying an Asus RT-AC86U router to replace my T3200m. I am replacing the t3200m because it is not very reliable and has significant drops throughout the day. I currently have gigabit internet 940/940 and am only getting speeds capping at 350 mbps on most of my wireless devices. I learned that this is probably normal, but the drops that it has at 11pm where the Internet is 5mbps/5mbps is probably not normal.My main question is, in order for me to save a little bit of money, can I connect the Web6000Q extender to my new Asus AC86U somehow? I currently have my web6000q connected to my t3200m and it is achieving wifi speeds of about 500/430 which is pretty decent.

Any help would be appreciated!