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VPN Passthrough from Telus T3200M to Asus RT-AX58U

Friendly Neighbour

Hi, I have the Telus T3200 router in my home that have been setup for few years and everything has been working fine.  Recently, I bought a new Asus RT-AX58U which I treat it as a second router.  I have connected the AX58U to the LAN port of my Wi-FI extender which was setup by the Telus Technician before.  Internet and the Wi-Fi connections works well for the new router.  However, I need to assign a port under Port Forwarding of T3200M in order to forward the VPN port to allow VPN connection on AX58U (I have already assigned a static IP for AX58U under T3200M Web Gui)  I have tried few ports such as 1194 UDP, 3000 UDP.  However, after I clicked "apply", the settings cannot be successfully saved to the Router settings.


I am not going to perform a port bridge of T3200M as I read from other posts that T3200M will no longer be access via Wi-Fi after bridging the port.


Can any expert here tell me what possible port number(s) I can use for VPN Port Forwarding on T3200M so that I can access to VPN on AX58U?  In addition, is there any additional settings I need to be aware of under T3200M for VPN passthrough?


Thank you!



For VPN port forwarding on the Telus T3200M router, you can try using port 500 UDP for IKE (Internet Key Exchange) and port 4500 UDP for NAT-T (Network Address Translation Traversal). These are commonly used for VPN connections. Make sure to set up the port forwarding rule on the T3200M router to forward these ports to the static IP address of your Asus RT-AX58U router. Additionally, check if there is any VPN passthrough or VPN-related settings on the T3200M router that need to be enabled to allow VPN traffic to pass through properly to the AX58U router.

Friendly Neighbour
I have tried port 500 UDP and it’s for IPSec as per what you mentioned. However, the AC58U needs to have the Public WAN IP in order for IPSec VPN to be activated according to the Web GUI from AX58U. However, only private WAN IP is assigned due to the router is acting as secondary router. Is there any suggested port for WireGuard and OpenVPN that AX58U currently supports?