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Boost WiFi - IPV6 and disable 2.4G


Two questions about the Arcadyan Boost WiFi devices ... they don't seem to be able to support IP v6 or allow a radio to be turned off.  I'd like to use IP v6 and turn off the 2.4 Ghz radio.  These devices seem to be configured for an all or nothing setup and don't allow much tweaking at all - I'm using the direct ip admin connection (although only the app allows for creating a custom name).  I got them for "free" using my loyalty points so I'm not fussed that much but if you want to fine tune your wifi network these devices are not the answer.  (BTW I use Ubiquiti network gear for everything except for the Optik TV where I let the Actiontec 3200 do it's thing - the Boost devices connect to a Ubiquiti switch and router)


Have you tried going into the Web UI menu? There’s a fair bit more to configure in there, though I’ve not looked for these options.

Also, have you tried setting the configuration through your router? Again, spitballing, but I wonder if the config is there because that is the unit that interfaces with the internet at large.