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Boost Network System Slow


Ok so let me explain a little bit.

I have been having on and off problems with the network since I got it installed. at the moment if you connect to the main boost router then you get around 120-130MB/s download and upload BUT when you go downstairs that makes you connect to the second one and then your speed drops to about 1-5MB/s I have tried everything I know how to do so I'm coming here for help. To clarify, the second boost router is also upstairs but when I'm downstairs I am right above it how far away is not the problem. Thanks in advance!


Community Power User
Community Power User

What speeds do you see when right next to the second Boost device?

Might there be something in the ceiling blocking signal?

Are there any other electrical devices near you when downstairs?

Are there competing Wi-Fi networks from adjacent buildings?


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