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Billing the Handicapped

Just Moved In

I first got Telus installed because from what I saw and heard they offer the best package. as far as I knew the cable was covered in my rent since I never received any kind of bill. So as you can guess it was discontinued.  I called them and they told me I had to come up with $800 to have it hooked up. I explained to them that I was in college and I explained to the rep from Telus. She basically told me to get lost and even snickered. I called hoping to make an arrangement as to paying the bill($100/month extra on my bill) or some other deal that would be good for both parties. Then I hear about a program Telus has for students and crippled like me. so there it is another money-hungry conglomerate just out for the bucks never mind lending a helping hand once in a while.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If I understand your comment, you had Telus services installed, then didn’t pay the bill, were cut off, and now want to have your service reconnected. Telus wants you to pay your outstanding bill before they reconnect any services to you. Seems reasonable to me.


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