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Best set-up for Wi-Fi in duplex?

I am the owner of an up/down split property. Fibre was just installed in my community and I have successfully upgraded to Internet 300. My modem is in an unfortunate location, in the corner of the house in the basement inside a cabinet that contains my electrical panel and other utilities. Thus, I purchased the wifi boosters from TELUS so that I can use the one internet connection to provide excellent wifi throughout the whole house. Moving the modem isn’t really an option.

Currently, my modem produces a wireless network TELUS1, and there is one Ethernet-wired booster that produces wireless network TELUS2. The second booster is wireless and seems to be amplifying the TELUS2 signal. All of this equipment is in the basement.

I would like to move the wired booster upstairs (there is already an Ethernet cable run for this, would be very easy), and then I would like to have the other booster in the basement, as with the crappy modem location the signal strength of TELUS1 from the modem is awful on the opposite side of the house.

My question is how do I best set up my equipment for optimal results? Is there a way to make the TELUS2 network that runs off the wired booster exclusive to the upstairs tenants, and have the second booster somehow increase the signal of TELUS1 for the downstairs tenants? Or should I just amplify the TELUS2 signal throughout the house and have all tenants use it? As the TELUS1 signal is only strong in one room of the basement.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I don’t think you can add boosters to unique networks through the MyWifi app but you may have success using the web utility: http://teluswifi.home/login.htm

Because mesh networking looks to extend an existing network, you may not be able to separate the boosters on the same router. I would suggest using one booster to extend your network downstairs and get a cheap router to connect upstairs to create a separate network. I’d also turn off wifi on the router so you don’t get interference with the Boost. I had issues with that when I set mine up.