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Advanced home Setup Ubiquiti UDM Pro + Pure Fiber + TV


We have Pure Fiber and my wife and her mum like good ol fashioned TV so they can surf. 


I am using Ubquiti gear and am about to swap out the USG for a UDM Pro. doing some big upgrades including cameras so this is why.


To the question.


Since I have SFP ports now, I know there is a way to use one to bypass the telus equipment. 


Correct me if I am wrong but that only works if you are only using Internet and not TV Services through Pure Fiber?


Or is there a way to make it all work through the UDM PRO? If that is possible that would eliminate 2 pieces of equipment from my smart panel in the closet.


We have 4 TV's with and no home phone service.



found a couple articles describing possible ways but it isn't perfect.

1 - Option TV through ubiquiti dream machine : telus (

2 - TELUS Optik IPTV on Ubiquiti UniFi – Chad Ohman


Use at your own risk obviously and these are not supported by Telus.