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Actiontec t3200m - Advanced Features - DHCP & IPv6 DNS

Just Moved In

Is it possible to do the following with the Actiontec T3200M:


1. Disable DHCP

I know I am able to set DHCP reservations, but I would like to disable this feature as I have my own server I would like to use for DHCP.


2. Set the IPv6 DNS server

I have set the IPv4 DNS address, but I cannot find the option in the IPv6 LAN or WAN settings. 



Actiontec allows you to disable DHCP in the vendor release firmware, however a few firmware updates ago Telus crippled the firmware they push out to the T3220M's on the Telus network to block you from doing this unless you sign into the device with a Telus tech support ID. Consensus is that they have done this so that people actually return them instead of keeping them as WiFi access points behind their own higher powered routers.

*T3200M ... spelling


As far as solution goes, best you can do with this setup is bypass the internal routing on the thing by bridge port 1 and hook your router up there.


If you are lucky enough to be on Fibre and they set it up with a SFP directly to your 3200M its as simple as removing the SFP from the 3200 and putting it into a switch that supports it and hooking up your home router directly to that switch.