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Actiontec 3200 Wifi Upload Speeds


Hi all,


Just curious if anyone has had upload speed issues with an actiontec 3200 gateway?


Long story:


Had an actiontec v1000 for years with a wifi plus extender with Telus PureFibre. A couple of weeks ago the v1000 started freezing (lights would stop flashing and stay illuminated. Had to unplug power and plug it back in.) Called TELUS and they scheduled a tech to replace the gateway. 


Tech came and took the v1000 and extender. Replaced it with a 3200 gateway. When running speed tests from a wired PC I get 170mpbs up and down. On wireless I get 170mpbs down and about 30mpbs up. 


I had to go into the gateway and change a couple of settings. For one, I had to turn off the SmartSteering as I have some devices that can only use 2.4ghz. I re-ran the Speedtest on the 5ghz wifi and still only getting 20-50mpbs upload. 


I did call TELUS and they troubleshot a bit, changing the channels etc. Nothing really helped. I told them it wasn’t a huge deal but I would like to get the proper upload speed working as I use wifi calling quite a bit (live in a part of Edmonton with zero cell reception) and do notice phone calls are very echo-ey ever since I got the new gateway. 


I thought maybe it was just the modem but I went over to my sisters house and tried a Speedtest with their pure fibre 3200 gateway and I get 170mpbs up and down on their 5ghz network. The only difference I can see is that she is in a house and I am in an apartment so maybe its interference. 


Any tips or tricks to try out?