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Accessing an SQL server via windows native VPN (to workplace server)


Was slow on my Shaw 50 acct, even slower on Telus Fiber 150, T3200M. The un-usability of Shaw now looks much more usable and attractive. Completely willing to buy my way out of my new Telus 2 year contract and go back to Shaw or another provider if there's no solution.


Firstly, ports 1433 and 1434 aren't blocked by my firewall. Connecting via VPN to this SQL instance is faster everywhere else I've been in the world, whether tethering to my phone (with the exception of the Telus network), using an airport lounge's wifi, etc...


The Googles has indicated that this type of traffic isn't throttled? I can access the SQL instance so it's not being blocked.


Before I buy my way out does anyone know of a solution?



Haven't tried it, but the t3200m has the ability to have specific application traffic bypass the firewall and thereby reduce latency. You will find the setting on the firewall page on the router admin settings.


You can select security and then the VPN protocol.




I double check if I tested that when I'm back in Canada, thanks.


A entirely different can of worms with VPN'ing when I'm on site in Mexico, presently having to tether to my phone to do it since internet providers in our area are ABYSMAL.