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Can you please modify the automation rule for arming the system when the door is locked to specifically exclude manual locking and only apply to the dead bolt being locked using the buttons (from the outside). Right now if you set the rule to arm system (arm away) when door is locked, it is arming away when I lock the door using the automatic dead bolt from the outside (good), but also arming away when we are inside the house and manually turning the dead bolt (like when you come inside the house and manually lock the door behind you). Also, if you forget to lock the dead bolt and do it from the app, it ALSO arms away with us trapped inside the house. I was with Vivint before switching to Telus and this nuance of this feature/rule was present with their custom actions. I.e. you can set a rule to arm away when the deadbolt is locked FROM THE OUTSIDE (only- no other locking scenarios/cases).
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Community Manager
Community Manager