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We need a feature in home security app to have automatic schedule to arm and  disarm the system at particular times eg 

arm stay at 11 pm and disarm at 8 am 

This should be basic feature in security system but its not being offered by telus compared to its competitors

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you considered using If This Then That as a possible solution?



Hey @mechswapnil 


We're currently in the process of evaluating all of the feedback on the app and so we've passed this onto our apps team and will keep you in the loop if any updates are going to be made to the app.

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This is available on, but Telus has yet to enable it. Many other alarm providers allow it.

Just Moved In

We had this capability with Vivent and I'm surprised it's not available with Telus.  It wouldn't be much to add a lock schedule to compliment the Fan schedule and the Thermostat schedule, in fact it's probably more important than either of those two scheduled automations.