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Status: Closed

Telus should permit viewers to rewind programming on the CBC News channel just like this feature is currently available for CTV News and Fox News. This would be especially helpful if we click on a news story or program on the CBC News channel that we want to view from the beginning. It is amazing that this capability is offered for an American news channel - FOX News - but not one of the premier Canadian news channels - CBC News. Please add this function to CBC News as soon as possible. 


I also wish to see this rewind feature made available for BBC World News, CNN International, and Euronews so that we could rewind to the start of an interesting news story on any of those channels as well.  


It's not TELUS that controls the availability of the feature on a given channel. The owner of the program (CBC News) controls this. If CBC News doesn't want viewers to have it then TELUS can't provide the feature.

Status changed to: Closed