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Dear Telus,

Please remove the 1Gbps speed cap on your 5G+ plans. With your new 5G bands (3500 MHz), we are able to achieve speeds well over 1Gbps, but we are limited by the 1Gbps speed cap of the plan for no technical reason.

It is not fair that with Bell that uses your network infrastructure, I am able to achieve speeds of 1.6Gbps on the 3500MHz band because they have no such speed cap, but with Telus that owns the network infrastructure, I am limited to 1Gbps for no apparent reason other than greedy business practices.

How can you possibly call yourselves the "fastest network" when your competitor is allowed to reach faster speeds than you using your own network infrastructure? This is a mockery of your slogan.

Please consider uncapping the speed on the 5G+ plans as soon as possible so we can finally enjoy the full potential of your 5G network, and you can live up to your promise of being the "fastest network".

Thank you,
A loyal customer.
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Community Manager
Community Manager