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Just Moved In
I’m really quite annoyed about Telus’ current policies and limitations with eSim.
As a feature request, I believe that eSims are digital assets and should be able to be transferred between my unlocked iPhones for free through iOS’ built in migration tool. They could also be downloaded through the Telus app and website. I also think they should be able to be activated more than once.
I hope TELUS makes some progress here before Apple rolls out sim tray remove internationally.
TELUS is usually at the forefront of new tech.


Thanks so much for the Idea! This is a really great piece of feedback. I've submitted it to our product team and we will see what we can do to implement


Great idea and that is how most other carriers that support eSIM around the world work.  However, that won't make Telus more money.  There has been quite the movement over the past 6 months to increase profits at the customers expense.